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Case Study – Charity Village

Case Study – Charity Village

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Read about how CharityVillage used GivingTuesday to show their love for the sector and to give back to the causes near and dear to their own hearts. They engaged their entire staff of “Villagers” as well as their families, friends and the broader community, to share #UNSELFIE pictures and create a social media buzz around community giving.

Often people don’t realize that there are real human beings working behind the scenes to keep the CharityVillage website running … taking part in the #unselfie campaign allowed us to put a face (so to speak) to these hard-working people. It also had the added benefit of being a wonderful team building experience!

Check out the case study.

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Case Study – Feed Nova Scotia

Case Study – Feed Nova Scotia


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Feed Nova Scotia had phenomenal success on GivingTuesday, far exceeding expectations. Using a matching donation from Sobey’s and a couple of adorable twins to promote the matching idea, they received 20 times more donations compared to a typical day in December, raising a total of more than $100,000 on GivingTuesday.

It was an exciting day in our office watching the donations come in, but the impact was felt most by those we support… And that was our ultimate goal—to enable families to come together for a meal and feel comfort and hope. We can’t thank our community enough for making that happen. We look forward to Giving Tuesday 2015!

Check out the case study.

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Case Study – Ipsos Canada

Case Study – Ipsos Canada


Staff in Ipsos offices across Canada picked a local organization and organized teams to go and help out on GivingTuesday. In Montreal, employees were put to work at the thrift shop of the Welcome Hall Mission, where all profits are reinvested into programs that help the needy.

It was so great that we could actually help out, even in a small way. We’re grateful for this experience because it just feels great to be able to do something for people that need our help.

Joanne Benson, Montreal Office Manager

Check out the case study.

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Case Study – Boston Terrier Rescue Canada

Case Study – Boston Terrier Rescue Canada

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Boston Terrier Rescue Canada celebrated GivingTuesday with the official launch of a month-long “Giving Tree Campaign” and promoted it using social media and blog posts. They received well over half of their December goal on GivingTuesday, and by the end of the campaign the total amount donated was 33% more than expected!

The funds were used to offset veterinary expenses for the foster dogs in our care…we were very happy with the success of the campaign and will participate again for GivingTuesday 2015.

Check out the case study.

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Case Study – Dans La Rue

Case Study – Dans La Rue

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Dans La Rue organized “The 500 Socks Challenge” for GivingTuesday 2014. Using a video featuring celebrity “Bob le Chef”, a dedicated web page ( and great traction on social media (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), they exceeded their objective at the end of day 2, reaching the equivalent of 650 pairs of socks for at risk youth.

We were very happy with the success of the campaign and will participate again for GivingTuesday. For 2015 we plan to organize our activity a little earlier and set a higher goal.

Nadjib Salah

Check out the case study.

Case Study – Carleton University

Case Study – Carleton University


Carleton University had their best ever GivingTuesday results in 2014, using an integrated marketing approach including email, social media, a Thunderclap, telephone calls and on-campus events. Organizers announced they had met their fundraising goal by 11am on GivingTuesday and by the end of the day raised $96,000.

It is immeasurable to quantify how much fun it was to do this. Our donors also appreciated the phone calls!

Check out the case study for more about the Carleton University GivingTuesday campaign.

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Case Study – Guelph Gives

Case Study – Guelph Gives


The GuelphGives movement challenged the Guelph, Ontario community to show that they were Canada’s most generous city. On GivingTuesday the people of Guelph raised an astonishing $1.2M, donated more than 2,000 items of clothing, volunteered the equivalent of 5 full time jobs and more.

We couldn’t believe the response to GuelphGives throughout the community. From the moment we began presenting to a variety of audiences, Guelph caught on to what this movement was all about.

Check out the case infographic for more highlights of the GuelphGives results and read the case study.


Case Study – The Victoria Foundation

Case Study – The Victoria Foundation

The Victoria Foundation used an #UNselfie contest on Facebook to get people talking about how they give for GivingTuesday. The many stories of giving this generated and the endorsement of the Mayor of Victoria who officially declared December 2nd 2014 “GivingTuesday” really showcased the giving spirit of Victoria.

We were really pleased with the way the Victoria community engaged with us for GivingTuesday; all of the wonderful entries we received truly showcase not only the selflessness of people in our community, but also the many wonderful organizations here. We were also delighted when Mayor Dean Fortin declared December 2, 2014, as “GivingTuesday” in the City of Victoria! We are counting the days to an even bigger GivingTuesday celebration in 2015!

Check out the case study for more about how The Victoria Foundation celebrating GivingTuesday.

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6 super-simple social media campaigns for #GivingTuesday

6 super-simple social media campaigns for #GivingTuesday

6 social media buttonNeed a simple way to be involved with GivingTuesday? Here are six super-simple ways for your not-for-profit to use their social media presence to celebrate GivingTuesday courtesy our friends at #GivingTuesday Australia.

There’s no escaping the fact that December can be a hectic time for all of us and not everyone has the time or effort to run a full campaign for GivingTuesday. But never fear! Here are six really easy ways to use your social media presence to be participate.

1) Share your supporters’ giving stories

In the lead up to GivingTuesday, ask your supporters to send in a photo or short video about why they give. Give them a simple statement to complete such as “Why I give…” or “I give by…” to make it easy for them to be involved. On the day, post their contributions as a Facebook album or compile a video to showcase why your supporters give back. Alternatively, you could ask them to contribute on the day and share their contributions later in the week.

2) Say thanks and give back

Instead of asking your supporters give, why not “give back” and say thanks to your supporters? Show how much your organization appreciates its volunteers and donors by taking a short video or take some photos of your team with signs saying ‘thank you’ and post it to your Facebook Page or Pinterest albums.

3) Show how giving has made an impact

People love to see how their donations and their support are making a difference. You could use GivingTuesday to share how your organization is making a difference by showing what you’ve been up to or any current projects via social media. Create a video, post photos or even share case studies. This could be a good opportunity to ask for people to continue their giving!

4) Shift the conversation about giving

GivingTuesday isn’t just about financial donations! There are plenty of ways that you can encourage your supporters to give in different ways such as writing letters in to your clients or pledging to donate their time and volunteer. Use a petition website to create a pledge for people to sign and share with their friends.

5) Support giving differently during the holiday season

GivingTuesday will happen right at the start of the holiday season and it’s a great opportunity for people to think about how they give to each other and also give back. If your not-for-profit has a gift catalogue or a usual end-of-year appeal, use GivingTuesday to spread the word and show people can give differently.

6) Start something new

Do you have that new campaign or new project that needs a boost? Use GivingTuesday to get your community excited about “what’s next” by launching or giving a sneak peek via your social media accounts. Unique content like this is also a good opportunity to drive your newsletter subscribers or blog readers to your social media accounts.

GivingTuesday social media tips

While you’re on social media, building up to GivingTuesday, don’t forget to get your community involved as much as possible and:
Use the #GivingTuesdayCa hashtag on your social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

Like GivingTuesday on Facebook and share how you’ll be getting involved

Register your GivingTuesday initiative on the website by signing up as a partner

We’re looking forward to what your organization gets up to for GivingTuesday!

You can find more tips, tools and resources here.