Dec 1, 2015

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GivingTuesday Civic Toolkit

In 2015, the 3rd year for GivingTuesday in Canada, there was a groundswell of GivingTuesday activity, organized by local civic groups in 22 cities across the country. Mayors, from coast to coast proclaimed December 1st, 2015 as “GivingTuesday”. These civic movements created a platform for a deeper level of engagement between charities, businesses and local residents.  Civic […]



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Are you interested in starting a GivingTuesday movement in your community or for a group of non-profits? You can create a GivingTuesday profile for your movement on for free. Your group’s profile will be displayed on our site including a list of your movement’s partners. Organizations can join your movement right from your profile […]



Get the Civic Toolkit

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The GivingTuesday Civic Toolkit is a resource and guide for anyone who wants to get a GivingTuesday movement started in their community (whether it’s a small town or a big city). It’s for charities, schools, community organizations and individuals who want to spread the GivingTuesday movement and benefit their community. If you’re not sure how to get […]