Dec 1, 2015

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Communities across Canada are getting geared up for GivingTuesday. We’ve already seen some municipalities officially declare November 28th, 2017 as GivingTuesday. Here are some of the many proclamations from across the country over the past few years:   Want to get your city involved? Download our Mayors Toolkit – it’s a guide for getting your city government […]



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GivingTuesday Civic Toolkit

In 2016, the 4th year for GivingTuesday in Canada, there was a groundswell of GivingTuesday activity, organized by local civic groups in 30 cities across the country. Mayors, from coast to coast proclaimed December 1st, 2015 as “GivingTuesday”. These civic movements created a platform for a deeper level of engagement between charities, businesses and local residents.  Civic […]



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Are you interested in starting a GivingTuesday movement in your community or for a group of non-profits? You can create a GivingTuesday profile for your movement on for free. Your group’s profile will be displayed on our site including a list of your movement’s partners. Organizations can join your movement right from your profile […]



Get the Civic Toolkit

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The GivingTuesday Civic Toolkit is a resource and guide for anyone who wants to get a GivingTuesday movement started in their community (whether it’s a small town or a big city). It’s for charities, schools, community organizations and individuals who want to spread the GivingTuesday movement and benefit their community. If you’re not sure how to get […]